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Please read the descriptions below of 1) the UD Core Requirement for those choosing Latin and 2) the correspondence between traditional high school classes and our Latin courses below the advanced levels.

  1. The Core Language Requirement, if a student chooses Latin, may be met in the following ways:
    1. Exceptionally well-qualified students may complete one advanced literature course, (three credits). The prerequisite for taking upper-division language courses is the completion of the intermediate level or its equivalent as indicated by a placement test.
    2. Students may begin with Intermediate II (2312) and then complete one advanced course as above (6 credits).
    3. Students with at least two high school units in a language will be expected to build upon this preparation by taking the two intermediate courses in the same language (6 credits).
    4. Students unable to qualify for Intermediate I (2311) must enroll in elementary language courses and proceed through 2312 (12 credits). But see e. below.
    5. As an alternative to this, students unable to qualify for Intermediate I may enroll in Grammar Review (1305) and proceed through 2312.
  2. UD Courses and high school equivalents.
    1. Elementary Latin I, 1301 = high school Latin 1
      • Content: Elementary grammar, syntax, and basic vocabulary; i.e., all 5 noun declensions; all 4 verb conjugations in the active voice, some in passive voice (indicative); personal, demonstrative, and relative pronouns. Reading simple sentences.
    2. Elementary Latin II, 1302 = high school Latin 2
      • Content: Remainder of basic grammar and syntax; i.e., passive voice completed, participles (ablative absolute, passive periphrastic), subjunctive mood and most of its functions (e.g. jussive, purpose clauses, result clauses conditions), deponent verbs. Reading connected passages, adaptations of Classical authors such as Caesar and Cicero.
    3. Intermediate Latin I = high school Latin 3*
      • Content: Completion of more complicated syntactical structures. Reading and study of prose writers, usually Cicero and/or Cornelius Nepos.
    4. Intermediate Latin II = high school Latin 4-5*
      • Content: Reading and study of Latin poetry, usually Catullus and Vergil (Aeneid).

Taking note of these comparisons, please estimate your possible level here at UD based on what you think you have accomplished in high school:

Estimated Level

* If you have taken Advanced Placement Latin classes, we recognize that you may not have read Cicero, and that you may have read Horace amd/or Ovid, instead of Vergil. Please tell us what you've read in Latin.

Read in Latin

Latin 1305, Grammar Review, is designed to enable students who have forgotten the basics of high school Latin 1 and 2 to get them back quickly in one semester instead of two. (Elementary Latin I and II are semester courses). Do you think you might be a candidate for this course? If so, explain why.

Why would you be a good candidate for this course?

Placement Exams

Please select the appropriate exam from below. You may attempt to translate any selection of the following. There are two options for each level. Once you have translated the selection with which you feel most confident, please input your translation results into the "Translation Results" entry box, select the exam you translated from the "Exam Translated" drop-down box and submit the form.

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