Classics Department Online Placement Exam

Who needs it?

  • All first time freshmen or transfer students who wish to enroll in a Latin course at UD.
  • Returning students who have not taken a Latin course for the past two semesters or more.

What is it?

  • A translation of a short passage from Latin into English.
  • You should spend one hour maximum.
  • You may use a dictionary, but please note which words you look up. If you are having to look up many words, the passage is too hard for you, and the level is too high for you.
  • Start with the highest level for which you think you may be qualified. If that is too hard, try passages from lower levels until you find one you are able to read with some confidence.
  • As the information below about requirements will make clear, it is in your interest to take the highest level course you can. Experience tells us that students who enroll in courses that are too easy for them tend to lose their enthusiasm and end up doing worse than if they had risen to the challenge of a higher level.

There are three levels, with two passages from which to choose.

  • Entry into CLL 2311 Intermediate Latin I
    Students who do not qualify for Intermediate Latin I will enroll in CLL 1305 Latin Grammar Review.
  • Entry into CLL 2312 Intermediate Latin II
  • Entry into an Advanced Latin class

Placement Exam:

If you would like to complete the online placement exam now, click here to continue.

Remember: You should spend a maximum of one hour translating the passage you select for submission.