North Texas Classical Association

This is a non-club. It has no officers, no dues, and no by-laws. What it does offer is the opportunity for fellowship with others who share your interest in the ancient world, through the Latin and Greek languages, literature, history, philosophy, and the like.

For the past two years NTCA has met for lunch and talk, once in fall and once in spring. Discussions are open, and suggestions are most welcome. Past topics include:

  • the effect of of the International Baccalaureate on Latin programs;

  • the Latin ExCET;

  • the connection between high school and college language programs;

  • the need for commentaries on prior texts appropriate for level 3 students;

  • Music in Roman Comedy by Prof. Timothy Moore.

  • Please join us and bring a friend. The current conveners of NTCA are Laura Veal, Jim Johnson, Austin College, and Grace West, University of Dallas. Feel free to contact us with questions and suggestions. Thanks.