Job Opportunities in the Classics

Looking for a job? Looking for a Latin Teacher? Check out these sites:

Southern Teachers Agency

American Classical League

For schools wishing to list a job opportunity in Texas Ms. Candace Kash is the ACL contact:

The positions listed below come from schools and individuals that have contacted UD Classics in search of a teacher.


 1. St. Luke's Episcopal School in San Antonio will be hiring a Latin teacher/ NJCL Sponsor this year. The program has been a strong one for many years and it is continuing to grow. The headmaster and the community are particularly supportive of the Classics, and are also open to new ideas of how to integrate the subject into other disciplines. The students are wonderful learners, and the school has a plethora of resources. For more information please contact:

2. Geneva School of Boerne is in need of a Latin teacher for the 2010-2011 school year. It is a position teaching 3rd-5th graders (it's a Classical School that starts them off young!). The the school utilizes Minimus and Minimus Secundus, First Latin, and Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1 for these grade levels.

The school has a strong Latin program with very supportive headmasters who believe in the fundamentals needed for students to take Latin.  They require Latin through 8th grade, then it becomes an elective for 9th-11th graders. The administration views the 3rd-5th grade years as critical in building a solid foundation, and more importantly a LOVE and excitement for Latin. They desire a Latin teacher that can deliver that passion and enthusiasm. There is no National Junior Classical League (NJCL), but definitely opportunity to begin one here.

3.Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth,Texas.  The school is a non-religious independent school that has compulsory Latin for all 7th and 8th grade students and offers Latin continuing through AP as a language option. I have taken a position at another school and so my position will be vacant after 7 years as the 8th grade instructor. If you would like more information, you can contact me or send me a CV. The job should be posted on the school website soon.  Thanks, Bryan Carlson, Trinity Valley School Latin program coordinator & 8th grade Latin instructor.     

For more information you can view the school's website:, or contact Brad Ryden or Jessica Gombert @ 830-755-6101. You may also reach them by email at:, or

4. The Vanguard School, part of Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy, has been the top performing high school in Colorado for the last five years, based on state standardized testing and ACT scores. It is a 9-12 college preparatory, charter high school that stresses character and rigorous academics. More information about the school can be found at The Executive Director, Mr. Colin Mullaney, will be making a recruiting trip the week of March 5th and would be very interested in interviewing potential teaching candidates on the UD campus.