Dr. David Oliver Davies

Assistant Professor of English and Adjunct Professor of Classics

English, Classics
Office Location: Braniff 366
Office Phone: 972-721-5213



Classical Traditions in English Literature
Philosophical Foundations of Literary Criticism
Classical Tragedy & Comedy
Classical Epic
Roman Lyric Poetry

Director of Latin in Rome (1997-present)


BA (Philosophy and History): University of Rochester
MA (Classics): University of Rochester
PhD (Classics): State University of New York at Buffalo

Recent Courses

in English
ENG 1301: Literary Tradition I
ENG 1302: Literary Tradition II
ENG 2311: Literary Tradition III (Spring 2004)
ENG 2312: Literary Tradition IV (Spring 2005)
ENG 4362: Twentieth Century Literature (Fall 2005)
ENG 6333: Milton (Spring 2003)
ENG 6344: Tragedy & Comedy (Spring 2004)
ENG 6360: Literary Criticism and Theory (Fall 2004)
ENG 6375: Seventeenth Century Lyric
IPS 8341: Dante & Milton (with John Alvis)

in Classics
CLG 1301: Elementary Greek I (Fall 2005)
CLG 1302: Elementary Greek II (Fall 2005)
CLG 2311: Intermediate Greek (Fall 2004)
CLL 2312: Intermediate Latin II (Catullus & Virgil)
CLL 3332/5301 Cicero De Officiis (Spring 2005)

Scholarship & Work in Progress

i. Dissertation Title

"The Education of Socrates in Xenophon's Oeconomicus" (Ann Arbor: UMI, 1989).

ii. Monographs and Articles

1. Davies, D.O. et al. Agnellus of Ravenna, Arethusa Monograph VIII, SUNY at Buffalo, (1981).

2. Davies, D.O. and Dowling, P. "Shrewd books, with dangerous Frontispieces': Areopagitica's Motto," Milton Quarterly Vol. 20, no. 2 (May 1986).

iii. Reviews

Michael Davis The Poetry of Philosophy: Aristotle's Poetics, Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham : 1992, in the Review of Politics.

iv. Work in Progress

"Ovidian Wit and Miltonic Translation" (Paradise Lost 4.467-71)

"A Spectacle of Innocence: Book IV of Paradise Lost"

"On such gentle acts as these": Milton's Sonnet VIII"