Requirements for the Classics Major


24 advanced credits:

  • 12 must be in the chosen major language (Greek or Latin) at the 3000 level or above.
  • 6 minimum may be selected from offerings at the 3000 level or above in Classics department couses in English translation (CLC).
  • 6 additional credits may be chosen, with advice from the chairman, from offerings in other departments at the 3000 level or above in the literature, politics, philosophy, history, etc. of the ancient world (related field).

  • Whenever possible, the Classics faculty will assist the student in doing work for CLC and related Field courses in the appropriate classical language.

    The second language (Greek or Latin) must be completed through one intermediate course (Greek 2315, Latin 2311). Advanced courses are recommended.

    Senior Project: Written and presented orally at the end of the senior year.

    Comprehensive examination is a requirement for graduation and must be completed by the end of January of the senior year.


    Suggested Sequence of Courses

    The following outline assumes that the student will participate in the Rome Program in the spring of sophomore year.


    Year I

    Fall and Spring (30 credits)

    • Greek 1301 Elementary Greek
    • Latin 1301 Elementary Latin
    • English 1301 Literary Traditions I
    • Philosophy 1301 Philosophy and the Ethical Life
    • Politics 1311 Principles of American Politics
    • Greek 1302 Elementary Greek II
    • Latin 1302 Elementary Latin II
    • English 1302 Literary Traditions II
    • Theology 1310 Understanding the Bible
    • Art, Drama, Math, Music


    Year II

    Fall and Spring, Spring is typically spent in Rome (30 Credits)

    • Greek 2315 Intermediate Greek
    • Latin 2311 Intermediate Latin I: Roman Prose
    • English 2312 Literary Traditions IV
    • History 2301 Western Civilization I
    • Art, Drama, Math, Music
    • English 2311 Literary Traditions III
    • History 2302 Western Civilization II
    • Theology 2311 Western Theological Tradition
    • Art 2311 Art and Architecture of Rome
    • Philosophy 2323 Philosophy of Man


    Year III

    Fall and Spring (32 Credits)

    • Adv. Major Language
      or Latin 2312
    • Intermediate Latin II: Roman Prose
    • Philosophy 3311 Philosophy of Being
    • History 1311 American Civilization I
    • CLC or Related Field
    • Science
    • Adv. Major Language
    • Science
    • CLC or Related Field
    • History 1312 American Civilization II
    • Economics 1311 Fundamentals of Economics


    Year IV

    Fall and Spring (30 Credits)

    • Adv. Major Language
    • Philosophy 3325 Ancient Philosophy
      or 4335 Philosophy of Language
    • Adv. Major Language or Second Language, or CLC Elective
    • Second Language or CLC Elective
    • Adv. Major Language or Second Language or Elective
    • Senior Project
    • Elective
    • Elective
    • Elective